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JUDO – e-book

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The book

JUDO / Not just for kids

as an e-book can be ordered only via amazon.com at this link:


This book was written to meet a very practical and concrete demand, to provide a set of interesting information about judo. Presented book is designed to lay popular but also solid foundation which helps to understand the history, theory and practice of judo.

The authors – theorists and practitioners of judo – made an attempt to provide all necessary information in understandable and cognitive form. Many fantastic illustrations by Jarek Kajdana – also in the form of a comic book, which children like very much – made this idea real.

Grandfather KOT, as well as, his granddaughter Ika and grandson Milo will guide you through the book. Grandfather Kot (5th dan) started to practice judo a long time ago. He even competed in the Olympics, when he was young. Now he rarely appears on training, however is often a referee on different competitions. He is giving passion for judo to his grandchildren.

IKA recently started training judo, but she knows that it is a sport for her. She is happy and full of energy after each training and cannot wait for the next one.

MILO, Ika’s brother would most certainly practice judo seven times a week. He loves to participate in competitions and earn medals (he has two gold, three silver and one
bronze in his collection).
His spectacular technique is uchi-mata. He dreams of an Olympic medal.

The book was written in an accessible language, contains lots of trivia, as well as, many information concerning judo as a sports discipline. After reading this book children should understand that judo is more than just a sport. Although the book is primarily intended for children, it can be undoubtedly interesting for their parents as well.


Table of Contents

  • Cherries, snow and what has happened.
  • How did it start?
  • When did it start?
  • Who was Jigoro Kano?
  • What really is Judo?
  • What are the most basic principles of Judo?
  • Why is Judo a good sport for children?
  • Why Judo prepares not only for the competition?
  • Who can practice Judo?
  • Can Judo be useful on a daily basis?
  • How does Judo work?
  • What you need to know about Judo outfit?
  • Are there degrees of initiation in Judo?
  • What every Judoka should remember?
  • When did Judo become an Olympic sport?
  • What are Judo techniques?
  • Are there specific rules of fighting in Judo?
  • Why is there a division into weighting categories in Judo?
  • Is Judo safe for children?
  • Selected basic Judo techniques.
  • Vocabulary.

Notes on authors:

Krzysztof Wiłkomirski (5th dan), a World Class Judo Athlete, he was eleven times champion of Poland, bronze medalist at World Judo Championships (2001 – individually), bronze medalist at European Judo Championships (2003 – individually and 2012 – team), winner of many medals of all colours at World Judo Cup. Participant in the Olympic Games in Athens (2004) and Beijing (2008). He founded a Judo Club – Musu – in Warsaw, currently changed into Judo Section Hāto JUDO. Bogusław’s son.

Bogusław Wiłkomirski (3rd dan), theorist, referee and sport activist (among others, Secretary of Polish Judo Association, President of Warsaw Mazovian Judo Association Judo, President of Academic Sports Association, University of Warsaw). Full Professor of Biological Sciences. Krzysztof’s father.

Jarek Kajdana, works on drawing, graphic design, painting and illustration. He is the originator of the Childres „DO”(ang. WAY) Project which starting point is the series of books about Japanese Martial Arts. The series is aimed towards the youngest readers. Along with his wife Agnieszka – the editor of this series. He trains aikido.

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